Hiking the Hidden Trails of Zion:
Half Day

Explore Epic Trails Just Beyond The Well Known Zion Park Hikes

Zion Park hikes are famous around the world. Perhaps the most recognizable and well-known hike is The Narrows. Millions of people come to Zion each year to trek through it. We are huge fans of the park and its hiking. As locals, we have hiked them all, and one thing is clear, they are getting more and more crowded every year. 

It’s a little known secret that there are slot canyons and hiking trails that are just beyond the park’s boundaries that are just as epic, picturesque, and adventurous as the ones inside the park that people flock to. While private guided tours within the park are very limited on where they can take you and what they can show you, our half day hiking excursions outside of the park are filled with endless potential for adventures. Join us for a day of exploring on trails that are off the beaten path and way less crowded. We will show you the local side of Zion, rather than the crowded Zion park hikes, and share with you our vast knowledge of the region.

Half Day Hiking

Let's Go On An Adventure

Trip Details

What's Included

  • Transportation – In a climate controlled luxury Lexus 4 wheel drive SUV 
  • Pick Up/Meet Up – We will pick you up from your accommodations or from a convenient meeting spot
  • Private Guide – A skilled and Wilderness First Responder certified guide for your private group
  • Emergency Equipment Vehicle recovery, rope rescue, first aid kit, and backup water just in case!

What To Bring

  • Water – We recommend 1-2 Liters per person
  • Snacks 
  • Backpack – To carry personal belongings
  • Sun Protection – Sunscreen, Sunglasses, and a Hat
  • Medications – Any medicines you may need like an inhaler, epipen, insulin etc…
  • Water Bladder Pack or hydration system, if you have one
  • Camera/Phone – To take amazing adventure pictures!

What To Wear

  • Prepare for Changes In Weather –  Dress like an onion. Thin layers close to the body and heavy outer layers. You’d be surprised how quickly the temperature can change here
  • We recommend a T-shirt with sleeves and pants like athletic, yoga, or cargo pants, or comfortable shorts
  • Athletic and quick dry clothing – Are great options
  • Shoes – Lightweight closed toe shoes or hiking shoes
  • Face Mask – For following COVID 19 guidelines

From Famous Canyons To Our Top Secret Spots (not the typical Zion Park hikes)

Where We Go Hiking

explore the trails less traveled

Pictures From Our
Half Day Adventures

What To Expect
On Your Adventure

On the day of your Half Day Hiking trip, we will pick you up from your accommodations if you are staying in Kanab, or from a convenient meet up spot if you are coming from Springdale, Virgin, St George, or Hurricane. This pick up system allows us to maximize the amount of time we spend exploring on your excursion. From there your adventure begins, so get ready to have some fun!

Getting Around

The terrain to the trailheads can be rugged, but that is exactly what our Lexus SUV's were built for. Our upgraded suspension and luxury interiors make for a smooth and fun ride.

Where We go

We customize your hiking trip based on what you tell us you'd like to do and see. While the Zion Park hikes are packed with people, we will head out to trailheads nearby that are way less crowded and harder to get to.

Sun Protection and Hydration

It gets HOT out here! Please be sure to start hydrating before your trip, bring plenty of water, and wear sunscreen, sunglasses, hats, and protective clothing.

Leave No Trace

We want to leave our adventure zone the same, if not, better than we found it on each trip. We always carry our trash out.


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avoid the crowds

Explore The Trails Less Traveled