Venture off the Beaten Path around Zion:

The Best Hikes
In Zion And Beyond

Zion National Park is infamous for its world class hiking trails, and that is why millions of people flock here every year to explore. By far, some of the most popular trails include; The Narrows, Angels Landing, Emerald Pools, Observation Point, Riverside Walk, Weeping Rock, and Canyon Overlook to name a few. We have done them all, they truly are amazing, and you should definitely check some of them out. However, we strongly believe that some of the best hikes in Zion actually are just outside of the borders of the park.

In addition to visiting Zion, we suggest that you dedicate at least half a day or better yet a full day to get outside of the park. Our private guided hiking adventures are the perfect way to explore the trails less traveled and provide you with a much-needed break from the swarms of people inside the park. Some of the slot canyons surrounding Zion Park are arguably just as incredible, if not even more amazing, and the best part is, we often have the canyon to ourselves. Join us on a hiking adventure you will surely love and remember for a lifetime! 

Best hikes in Zion and beyond

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How To Choose…

The Best Adventure
For You and Your Group

The simplest way to decide which hiking adventure is best for you and your group, is based on much time you have. Our Half Day trips are just as adventurous and fun as our Full Day trips, so begin with whether you have time for a 4 hour tour or a 7 hour trip. We customize all of our excursions to your group. Join us on the best kept secret for hikes in Zion. 

Half Day vs Full Day Trips

They are equally exciting and we visit very similar trails and slot canyons on either trip. We pack in the adventures on our Half Days, and on our Full Days we get to spend more time exploring and doing more hiking.

Private Group Tours Only

All of our trips are private groups only, which means we can truly cater the day to you and your group. Perfect for families or groups of friends. Experienced hikers? Be sure to let us know.


Get Off The Beaten Path

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