Off Roading Near
Zion National Park

The Most Adventurous
Off Roading Near Zion National Park

Zion National Park is one of the nation’s top destinations and for good reason, it is absolutely mesmerizing. While off-roading isn’t permitted within the boundaries of Zion National Park itself, to protect its unique ecosystems and geological features, there are several places nearby that offer excellent off-roading opportunities. We believe, that the areas just beyond the park’s borders are where you can truly get out into mother nature and explore. Don’t get us wrong, you should definitely spend some time venturing within Zion, but you should also highly consider joining us on a Half Day or Full Day off-roading adventure just outside of the park.

For our off roading tours near Zion National Park, we have a fleet of Lexus 4WD SUV’s that give us the ability to go on the paths less traveled, while avoiding the crowds of the park. We easily access places that are harder to get to for most, and the rewards for our journey are getting to see the most unbelievable attractions. Place your hand upon real dinosaur tracks, see ancient native art carved into the rock faces, hike through the narrow passageways of the infamous slot canyons, and witness stunning rock formations created by the elements. 

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Our Off Roading Adventures

Half Day

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Full Day

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How To Choose…

The Best Off Roading Near Zion National Park For Your Group

The easiest way to determine which off roading near Zion National Park is best for you, is based on how much time you have. Our Half Day trips are just as adventurous and fun as our Full Day trips, so start with whether you have time for a 4 hour tour or a 7 hour excursion. We customize all of our off road tours to you and your group, so we see and do what you are most interested in.

Half Day vs Full Day Trips

They are equally exciting and we visit many of the same sights on both trips. We pack in the adventures on our Half Days, and on our Full Days we get to spend more time exploring.

Private Group Tours Only

All of our trips are private groups only, which means we can truly cater the day to you and your group. Perfect for families or groups of friends.

off roading near zion national park

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What We See

Dinosaur Tracks

Rock Formations

Slot Canyons


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