Frequently Asked Questions

Know Before We Go


Below you will find the answers to the most common questions we get asked before an adventure.
If you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out to us directly.


If you are staying Kanab, we can pick you up from your accommodations if you would like.

For adventurers coming from Zion, Springdale, Virgin, St George, Hurricane, and elsewhere we will give you directions to a convenient pickup location.

This pick up system allows us to maximize the amount of time we spend exploring on your adventure. 

We take single explorers out for 1 on 1 adventures all the way up to large groups. We like to keep a specific guide to guest ratio for each adventure. 

Canyoneering, Off-Roading, and Hiking:  6 guests ratio to 1 guide

Half and Full Day Rock Climbing: 4 climbers to 1 guide

High Adventure Rock Climbing: 2 climbers to 1 guide

If you are looking to book for a larger group, please contact us directly so we can book the proper amount of guides for you.

Yes! We are open. Travel is allowed in Utah, Zion and the other national and state parks are open as well. We are taking extra precautions and following COVID19 guidelines to ensure our guests have a safe and memorable experience. We sanitize our vehicles and our equipment before and after each trip  and we carry hand sanitizer on each trip. We ask that you please bring face masks. 

Yes, depending on where you are staying, we will either pick you up from your accommodations or we will meet you at a very convenient location. 

Many of our guests come from Springdale. We ask you to drive to meet us which minimizes the time spent on a paved highway with your guide and maximizes your time spent adventuring. The highway from Springdale takes you right through Zion National Park, past many trailheads, and will be a memorable part of your trip.

All of our adventures require some off-road driving on rugged terrain, so that is why we pick you up and drive you in our Lexus 4WD SUVs.

Our home base is in Kanab, Utah, but most of our trips happen in an area we like to call our adventure zone just outside of Zion National Park. Depending on where you are staying, we will either pick you up from your accommodations or meet you at a convenient location for your adventure. 

** please note that our address and google maps location is just our office, it is not our shop or meeting location for adventures. On the day of your adventure, we will either pick you up from your accommodations or meet you at a predetermined convenient location. 

Water: It can get really hot out here, and dehydration is no joke! We recommend bringing 1-2 liters per person on Half Day trips, and 3-4 liters per person on Full Day adventures.

Snacks: On most trips we are active and a great snack can help keep your energy up.

Lunch: On Full Day and High Adventure trips we recommend bringing lunch, or we can provide you with one for an additional fee. 

Backpack: To carry your personal belongings 

Sun Protection: sunscreen, sunglasses, lip balm, and a hat.

Medications: any medicines you may need like an inhaler, epipen, insulin etc…

Water Bladder Pack: If you have a hydration system or pack, definitely bring it.

Camera/Phone: To capture your amazing adventure! 

For most adventures we recommend wearing a T-shirt and comfortable pants or shorts. Athletic and quick dry clothing are great options. 

Canyoneering: We recommend wearing pants because we go sliding on rocks and are in harnesses all day. If you want to wear shorts please make sure they go down to your knees (no short shorts).

Shoes: Lightweight closed toe shoes, or hiking shoes

Climbing Shoes: If you are going Rock Climbing we ask that you please bring your own climbing shoes. 

Prepare for changing weather: Bring layers of clothing like a long sleeve shirt, sweatshirt or jacket just in case.

Face Mask: for following COVID19 guidelines

Absolutely! We love it when our guests are interested in multiple adventures. Some guests choose to do 2 half day adventures on one day for example: canyoneering in the morning and off-roading in the afternoon. Others who may have more time, choose to spread the adventures out over a couple of days. It is really up to you. We customize your trip for you, so the possibilities are endless. 

Yes, all of our adventures are for private groups only. We were social distancing before COVID19 made it cool. We focus on providing you and your group the best possible experience and believe having a private guide(s) is the way to do that. This makes our trips perfect for families, friends and couples that are traveling together, and for businesses looking for team building adventures. 

We believe exploring the great outdoors is for everyone! Some adventures are better suited for certain ages. 

Canyoneering We recommend 5 years and up (yes, that means grandma and grandpa can go canyoneering), but have taken kids as young as 3 years old. 

Off-Roading is a great family adventure for all. 

Hiking We always ask for everyone’s fitness level, so we can decide the best trails to visit. 

Rock Climbing is based more on the climber’s experience level. 

The best thing to do is to  contact us, and we can chat about your group and determine the best adventure and location for your group to explore. 

This really depends on your family. Since we customize each adventure to your family, we can make sure the day is designed with your needs and wants in mind. Both options are great, so please contact us so we can chat about it and determine which is best for you. 

As a business we have opted out of guiding inside Zion National Park boundaries, but personally we think it’s amazing. The park makes it very difficult for commercial guides to meet high quality standards through limiting the routes we can use, enforcing arbitrary turn around points that leave out the most iconic portions of the hikes, and implementing cumbersome rules about camera tripods and group sizes. If you explore Zion on your own, you are not subject to any of the above policies. 

Zion is a simple park to navigate alone and if you have any questions, we are more than happy to help. Most of the trails are paved sidewalks, so getting lost is highly unlikely. Trails and shuttles are crowded, so be sure to reserve your shuttle tickets in advance and plan for a day jam packed with people. Zion is beautiful and it’s worth it. 

When you’re done in Zion, give us a call so that we can get you into the backcountry, off the beaten path. 

Yes! We highly recommend Zion Adventure Photog.
Their photographs are all over our website and you can see even more of their work 
here. Zion Adventure Photog is available for weddings, portraits, and adventure photography. Please inquire for pricing.

Transportation: We drive you around for your adventure in our fleet of Lexus 4WD vehicles.

Pick Up/Meet Up: Depending on where you are staying and where we are going for your adventure, we will either pick you up from your accommodations or meet you at a convenient location. We drop you off at the same location at the end of your adventure.

Private Guide(s): All of our trips are exclusively for private groups only, and your guide(s) will be with you throughout the entire trip. They are trained and Wilderness First Responder certified. 

Canyoneering and Rock Climbing: Safety gear and technical equipment such as; harnesses, helmets, ropes, descenders, carabiners, and anchors are provided for you. If you are rock climbing we ask that you please bring your own climbing shoes.

Permits: We carry commercial permits for all of the areas in our adventure zone. We will let you know if you are booking a trip that requires additional permitting. 

Fuel: We never charge you a surcharge for gas for our vehicles.

Extra Waters: It can get really hot out here, so we always carry additional waters.

Lunch: Can be provided for you on Full Day and High Adventure days for an additional fee.

Guide Gratuity: This is the only thing that is not included. Gratuity is never expected but always appreciated.

Yes, we typically take payment in full in order to book your adventure. For large groups we can arrange a 50% deposit to reserve your place. Payment is due in full 30 days prior to your trip departure. 

Our schedule fills up quickly during the spring, summer and fall seasons, so please contact us early to get on our calendar. 

All trips canceled by the guests within 48 hours or less of their booking or no show will not be given a refund. 

Trips cancelled by the guest within 14 days of their adventure will be given a 50% refund. 

Trips cancelled any time outside of the 14 day period will be refunded 90%. 

All cancellation fees can be used as credit towards a future adventure within one year. 

Trips cancelled due to unsafe weather are at the discretion of AWA and will be rescheduled or 100% refunded. Trips do not cancel due to uncomfortable conditions, so please plan and prepare for our ever changing weather conditions!

We take all major credit cards. 

Your safety is always our priority. Before every adventure we check the weather forecasts to decide where we will go exploring. 

If the weather is too bad to go out, we will reschedule your trip or offer you 100% refund. 

We always say the earlier, the better. Our spring, summer, and fall seasons are super busy and book up quickly. We recommend booking as early as possible. Please contact us today, to see if your desired adventure dates are available.

Absolutely! As long as we have an opening in our schedule we would be happy to book an adventure for you. Please give us a call or message us

Unfortunately, this is a service that we do not currently offer. We focus on and specialize in taking our guests on adventures just outside of the park. 

It really is up to you and your group’s desire for activity level and adventure. We custom tailor the trip to your group. In general, Off-Roading can be the least physically active (although many guests like to do a lot of hiking around while we off-roading), and Rock Climbing is the most physically demanding. 

Give us a call and let us know about your group, and we will find the best adventure for you all. 

While tipping your guide is never required, it is always appreciated. 

We work hard to make sure that you have the ultimate adventure experience. If you love your experience you are welcome to show it by tipping your guide. Tipping typically ranges from 15% – 25% of the total adventure price. Don’t worry if you don’t have cash on you the day of your adventure, our guides personal electronic tips or credit card tips through the office. Cheers!

We’ve got you covered on the permits. We have commercial permits that cover our guests while they go exploring with us. 

If you are interested in a multi-day trip, there may be specific permits you may need depending on where we plan on goin. But we will help you sort that out. 

The short answer is no. Our pickup locations are generally located close to a public restroom, but after we head into the backcountry we are using the facili-trees! 

When possible, we attempt to pee into flowing water and we pack out all solid human waste. 


Most people are familiar with the sport of rock climbing, while canyoneering is still building its reputation. The easiest way to describe the difference is that in rock climbing, you are ascending a rock wall. With canyoneering multiple techniques are used. For example: rappelling, sliding on rocks, zip-lining, hiking, squeezing through narrow passageways, and in some cases swimming to travel through a slot canyon. 

The climbing trips we offer are best suited for explorers with rock climbing experience. While canyoneering is great for both beginners and advanced explorers alike. 

Absolutely! We specialize in creating custom tailored canyoneering adventures for the entire family. Everyone from the little ones to the parents and even grandma and grandpa, will have a blast on our trips. 

Yes! We do ask that kids be 5 years and older for our canyoneering trips. We provide all of the necessary safety equipment and technical gear such as harnesses and helmets. Our guides take their time with each guest to show them the ropes and teach them the proper rappelling techniques. In addition, all of our rappels are done with redundancy rope system for extra safety, and our guides are always there watching as a backup. 

We ask that kids be 5 years and older for canyoneering trips. However, we have taken kids as young as 3 years old. If you have a young one under 5 that you think would be willing and able to go canyoneering, please contact us and let us know so we can discuss it together.

There is no difference between these two adventures. We customize each and every one of our adventures to you and your family. Our family canyoneering adventures are not watered down at all, they are just as thrilling as our half day canyoneering adventures. We believe kids should be outdoors experiencing mother nature and exciting adventures like canyoneering, so this is a perfect adventure for you and your family. 

Canyoneering is a great way to work on your fear of heights. First off, our goal is to make sure you always feel comfortable and safe. We use top of the line safety equipment and technical gear, our guides are highly skilled and trained, and we use multiple safety redundancy systems. On top of all of that, we are extremely patient, and will be with you throughout the entirety of your adventure. We can take things slow until you gain your confidence. It always amazes us to see some of our guests who started the day off with some fears of heights and rappelling, turn that fear into excitement and joy as the day progresses. 

Rappelling is often new to many of our guests, and it is common to have fear associated with it. We find the learning curve to be quick and often find uncertainty change to excitement a few feet into the first rappel. For some, more coaching or attention is appreciated. For these individuals our guides are happy to use alternative techniques to help build your confidence. We use techniques like tandem rappelling (you go with the guide and the guide is in control), being lowered (the guide controls your descent), or balanced (you go along side your guide and you control your descent). Our guides will take their time to walk you through the proper techniques and teach you how to properly rappel. We follow strict safety procedures and guidelines to ensure your safety and all techniques have a backup system in play. Our goal is to get you comfortable and confident in your rappelling skills, while you enjoy the breathtaking scenery of the slot canyons. 

This really depends on you and your family. If your vacation allows for a full day and you want to do more rappelling, hiking, and exploring then we are all for it. We custom tailor each trip, so we organize the day around you and your family. 

Our High Adventure canyoneering excursions are designed for the thrill seekers who are looking to go big and do more rappels. Be sure to let us know that this is what you are interested in when booking. 

We have harnesses designed to fit young kids all the way up to a waist size of 60 inches. 

Guided canyoneering within Zion National Park is actually not allowed. People with canyoneering experience can go canyoneering in the park, but guiding is not permitted. 

It’s ok though! In our opinion, the best slot canyons for guided canyoneering are outside of the park in our adventure zone. Here we get to avoid the crowds. 


The Lexus GX470 is our vehicle of choice. We like them for their comfort, reliability, and off-road capability. For more on our fleet of Lexus SUVS visit here.

We have a fleet of Lexus 4 wheel drive SUVs that we use for all of our adventures. They have upgraded racing quality suspension and high-end off-road tires to ensure you have a comfortable experience on the rugged terrain in our adventure zone.

Our Lexus SUVs are very reliable and our tires are designed specifically for the type of off-roading we do. We also always carry recovery gear with us. Most of the time our recovery gear is used to help out strangers though. 

We have so many places we can go exploring on an 0ff-roading trip. It really comes down to what you and your group want to see and do during the adventure. We custom tailor each excursion to our guests wishes. Off-roading gives us access to areas surrounding Zion that can be challenging to get to on your own. Let us show you our favorite spots!

Absolutely! This is one of our most popular adventures for families. The kids love driving around on the rugged terrain, and there is so much to see like dinosaur tracks and incredible ancient native rock art carved or painted on the walls. It is also perfect for families that want to see a lot but don’t have a lot of time. We can cruise around and show you a ton.

For all of our adventures, we pick you up and drive you around during the trip.

If you have a 4WD vehicle and you are interested in taking it off-roading and would like a local private guide to guide you, please feel free to contact us. We have an adventure you follow us and we share our know-how with you.


This can vary and really depends on you and your group. We customize each adventure based on your desires, hiking experience, endurance and on the weather. Our trails can be as long or short as you are interested.

It depends on the season and on the weather. Some of our trails that we like to go to do have water, and others do not. Please be sure to let us know if you would like to avoid wading through water on your hike.

While offering private guided hiking trips within Zion National Park is permitted, it is not something we typically recommend to our guests. The guiding rules are very strict and limit where we can go within the park. These strict rules mean we are unable to share our favorite spots within the Zion National Park boundaries. For this reason we recommend joining our  adventures just outside of the Zion National Park. We take you into the backcountry of Southern Utah, to the trails less traveled and show you our favorite hikes that are just as amazing as the ones inside the park.

It’s really not about an age requirement for us, but more about your hiking experience and endurance. These factors combined with what you are interested in seeing will help us customize your hiking adventure for you. 


We provide you with all of the necessary climbing gear. The only thing we ask, is that you bring your own climbing shoes. 

The rock climbing in Southern Utah can be challenging even for experienced climbers. We specialize in taking intermediate to advanced climbers out on adventures. If you are new rock climbing, we suggest spending some time practicing at an indoor gym (that’s where we learned) before coming out. If you have never rock climbed but are still interested in a ropes based adventure, definitely check out our Canyoneering trips. 

This really depend on the type of trip that you book. We have single pitch routes up to 100 feet and multi pitch routes that are up to 1000 feet in total. Be sure let us know what you are interested in doing when booking.

Our guide to explorer ratio for rock climbing is a bit smaller. For Half and Full days we have a maximum of 4 climbers to 1 guide, and for our Multi-pitch trips our ratio is max 2 climbers per guide. 




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